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Spare Car Keys save Inconvenience Time Money

spare car keysSpare car keys save inconvenience time and money without a doubt. An extra set of car keys is an essential need in the modern world.

Having only one set of car keys means you can run into a wide range of time consuming and expensive problems.

You will find out that it is far more costly and full of hassles to deal with the loss of your single key or an electronic failure than it would have been to simply invest in a spare key.

Modern Day Car Keys – Transponders

First some background about modern day car keys.

Simply put transponder keys are devices actively designed to transmit radio signals from a handheld device to a remote receiver. Their most common usage is in the form of car keys and gate openers.

Each individual key is programmed to start a specific vehicle in order to reduce theft. Transponder keys are common in most new or high end cars.

The technological advance represented by transponder keys has also made it far more difficult for thieves to steal cars as copying regular keys or hot wiring was relatively easy. The downside is that replacement keys are now much more expensive ranging from several hundred dollars to $2000 or more.

Spare Car Keys – The Benefits

  • Since replacement keys are generally very expensive having a spare key is a cost effective solution
  • If you lose your key and have a spare you save yourself the inconvenience, time and money on getting a replacement
  • A lifesaver for a busy or an absent minded person who often loses their main set of keys

There is one local locksmith company which can meet all your modern spare car key needs with ease.

Coast & Hinterland Mobile Locksmiths have the expertise

Coast & Hinterland Mobile Locksmiths stock a wide range of automotive products and accessories and can meet nearly all your transponder car key needs in an excellent and timely fashion.

spare car keysThey are a family business that has been providing prompt reliable and professional high quality customer service on the Northern Sunshine Coast and Hinterland for nearly 25 years.

While company services also extend to residential homes and commercial businesses when it comes to competent and cutting edge services relating to fixing automotive electronics such as automotive car keys these locksmiths have it locked down.

Whether you have lost your car key or it has simply stopped working Coast & Hinterland Mobile Locksmiths have the specialised cutting equipment needed to cut the latest automotive keys and re-program transponders.

How to Save Inconvenience Time Money

There are a variety of ways you can save yourself from inconvenience and losing time and money when it comes to getting spare keys and related services – and using Coast & Hinterland Mobile Locksmiths is the best way to avoid that!

  1. We can  produce transponder keys for nearly all makes and models including European cars.
  2. In many cases dealers do not have spare keys at the ready so they have to be ordered in – not true of us though.
  3. We supply cut and program keys in house.
  4. We provide immediate results at far less cost than other companies and at a fraction of the cost of a motor dealer.
  5. We can provide you with a full set of keys and buttons or just the emergency keys – as savings in cost.
  6. Coming to the shop is the cheapest option although we do call outs as well for an additional fee.

Summarising Spare Car Keys Save Inconvenience Time Money

The evidence is clear that having a set of spare car keys is of great benefit and a smart investment against future excessive costs.

Contact Coast & Hinterland Mobile Locksmiths at your earliest convenience by calling 07 5474 4844.

You can speak to the friendly owner manager Scott Roney or his equally friendly and well informed staff who are all qualified locksmith technicians.

Spare car keys save inconvenience time and money without a doubt. An extra set of car keys is an essential need in the modern world.










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  1. Call on Coast & Hinterland Mobile Locksmiths before you lose you electronic keys (transponder) having a spare set of car keys will save you the inconvenience time and money!

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