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Benefits of Digital Safe Locks

benefits of digital safe locksThe benefits of digital safe locks are very substantial and quite numerous – making them an ideal solution for safety and peace of mind. Digital safe locks represent a major step forward from their mechanical safe predecessors.

Whether for businesses or personal use digital safe locks are the way of the future in every respect.

Digital Safe Locks – The Basics

A digital safe lock works to the same principle as a traditional lock.

The fundamental difference between a mechanical lock which uses a dial and a digital safe lock is entering a designated code into a keypad which unlocks the safe door.

The Benefits of Digital Safe Locks

There are at least 10 good reasons why digital safe locks are superior to what came before them – indeed even more.

Here is a list of just a few key benefits:

  1. Convenience – you never have to worry about carrying around or losing your locking key again.  There are no keys to lose with a memorised code for a digital safe lock.
  2. Reduced Wear and Tear – Electronic mechanisms are far more durable than physical ones. There’s very little which can be broken or worn out.
  3. Better Security – Electronic lockers are very secure as there is simply no access to the lock – unlike mechanical locks which can be lock picked. Setting up burglar alarms is also easier with a digital safe lock.
  4. Easy Access – Digital safes use a keypad and PIN where you press the correct sequence for access. This takes mere seconds whereas traditional combination locks require turning the lock one way and the other and read very small numbers at the same time.
  5. Freedom to change combinations – Digital safe combinations can be set and changed as many times as needed with no cost. Whereas changing a mechanical safe combination requires a certified locksmith.

A Representative Digital Safe Lock

benefits of digital safe locksLa Gard Basic Electronic Safe Lock

To give some idea of what a basic digital safe lock has to offer examining the La Gard Basic Electronic Safe Lock will give readers a good idea.

It provides full security at a base level price.

Its useful applications extend from being a commercial safe to a quality domestic safe for your important belongings, small amounts of cash and documents, as well as a pistol and gun safe.


Other features include: 

  • Enables two or more users. The manager can delete or lock out the other users. This could be useful in a commercial context especially.
  • Multiple entry lockout. Where someone who tries to second guess the number to gain entry.
  • Easy to use push button access. A six digit combination gives 1,000,000 possible combinations.
  • One single battery will allow for 2560 openings before needing replacement providing an audible low battery warning.
  • Environmentally tested to endure from -10°c to 85°c making it ideal to protect your valuables from extreme cold and extreme heat.

Do you realise that many safes with keyed entry can be change over to digital entry and you do not have to buy a new safe. Talk to the staff at Coast and Hinterland Mobile Locksmiths for advise. Phone 07 5474 4844

Are there any Disadvantages?

There are minimal disadvantages to buying a digital safe lock. Although it helps to know a few important facts that will ensure you don’t have any problems with your digital safe lock.

It is better in both the short and long term to buy high quality. While the basic versions will be of decent quality, the more inexpensive ones can be poorly made and cause continual problems such as the keypad failing to accept the code.

The memory board should be stored on the inside of a safe wall. There are potential security risks having it on the outside of the safe. 

That should be taken into account.  

Summarising Benefits of Digital Safe Locks

The evidence couldn’t speak more clearly – the benefits of digital safe locks are major and fundamental.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of digital safe locks and whether they are right for you, call the friendly professionals at Coast and Hinterland Mobile Locksmiths on 07 5474 4844.

The benefits of digital safe locks are very substantial and quite numerous – making them an ideal solution for safety and peace of mind.






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  1. Changing to digital safe locks make office life so easy with less security issues. No need to find hidden safe keys!

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